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Serving the biotech, brewing, and distilling sectors 

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FEED studies - Design - AI/ML Software - CapEx procurement - Commissioning - Validation

Outsource your scaling while staying in control 

Scaling from bench-top to industrial scale is expensive, high risk, and time consuming. Many companies die in the process

Investors need defensible data and a desirable business model.

Most young companies underestimate the complexity, staffing requirements, timings, lead times, and direct costs.

We reduce the stress on your team and your resources by leveraging our project managers, software, mechanical and electrical engineers. We adapt the scale with the data coming from your team.

We plan and de-risk the scale through reactive techno-economic modeling, adaptations, and optimization. FEED studies reduce overall project cost and lengthens cash runway. We conduct FEED's with HAZOP, HACCP,  Gap, etc

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We are a group of 20 experienced designers, engineers, coders, project managers, and financial professionals who understand the risk and frustration of scaling.

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London, England


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